Your flaws and differences are what make you beautiful. Embrace them.
This page is all about finding the beauty that is hidden in what a lot of people consider taboo or perhaps even a little scary. What I'm trying to do is get through to people that appearance is only skin deep. The ones we fear are usually the nicest people you'll ever meet.

With flash/ not flash
Albino eye from Amal Sofi
<3 <3 <3
dull-ditch-bitch asks:I just wanted to thankyou for making this blog, it makes me feel like a beautiful person and I want to thankyou for that, thabkyou for opening my eyes to other beautiful people and that beauty is never always on the outside. xx

I love you, too! 💜💜💜 go strut your stuff, beautiful xoxo


next time y’all see me I’m gonna look diiiiiifferent ;-)

Stephen Thompson

She is so unique!